Negotiations were long and arduous and could not have culminated in an agreement without the steadfast support of every member.
What's going on with our students today? Find out ways to address some mental health issues. Prince George's County Public Schools school psychologist Vincent Tepe talks student mental health.
Some 86% of respondents said there aren’t any support groups for school leaders, while the remaining 14% said there were informal groups.
500 San Diego Unified School District principals, vice principals, school police supervisors, operations managers, and education, food and transportation supervisors join AFSA.
Sixth graders taught to see transition turmoil as ‘normal, temporary' perform better in class

For close to 10 years AFSA has been speaking up for a more comprehensive school safety program at the federal level. Our union had reached out to Congress, the White House and the Department of Education with a host of ideas and recommendations. Unfortunately, nothing has happened as lawmakers turn away.

Today in Washington the gun issue is heating up as we head into the start of a new school year and two mass shootings in a single day.

One year ago at the AFSA convention, newly elected president Ernest Logan called on the delegates to push for a return to civics education.
NY educational institutions can't issue written authorization to carry a gun to any teacher or administrator.
In New Jersey, AFSA members helped push school panic buttons in the state legislature. Now the idea is moving toward federal legislation.